False rumours on Maytas Properties investment

There have been false and malicious rumours on my involvement in the investment by JM Group entities in projects related to Maytas Properties. I have been given to understand that these are being floated by a group of people. Although i am aware who these people are i would not like to comment on their names . Although i have denied my involvement in any such investments i still keep on hearing of such rumours on and off. These rumours are nothing but attempts to mar my professional reputation.
Through this public forum i would like to state the following

I would like to unequivocally state that I was in no way associated with the investment into Maytas by any of the JM financial group or associated companies. My responsibilities as CIO equity was restricted to investments by the equity funds being managed by JM financial Mutual Fund, and these funds did not invest into the equity or debt of Maytas at any stage during my tenure at JM Financial Mutual Fund.

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